Welcome to the Oxford DMPOnline Project

The primary goal of the OXFORD DMPonline Project is to enable researchers at the University of Oxford to create, save, submit and use data management plans (DMPs), both to accompany research grant applications, and to guide the management and publication of data arising from funded research projects. The second goal is to integrate these DMPs with the existing research information systems of Oxford University’s Research Services.

We will achieve these goals, in collaboration with colleagues at the Digital Curation Centre (DCC), by adopting, adapting, customizing and institutionally badging the DCC DMPonline tool to create OXFORD DMPonline, a web-based tool for use by Oxford researchers.

As shown in the figure below, we will also:

  1. Create a CERIF-compliant Data Management Ontology (provisionally called DaMO);
  2. Use DaMO to create RDF metadata for each research data management plan;
  3. Use BagIt and SWORDv2 to create a DMP Package for each DMP, containing copies in each of the DMPonline output formats, plus an RDF metadata manifest;
  4. Create OXFORD DMPBank, a cloud-deployable VMWare instance of the DataBank Repository customised for DMPs, into which SWORD-wrapped DMP Packages can be ingested and made citable by assigning them DataCite Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs);
  5. Provide an independent professional review of the security of the DMPonline tool.

Oxford DMPonline

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